A list of commands you will often use on ObtaniaMC, in no particular order. This is not a comprehensive list, but a list of some you may find yourself using.

Claiming Commands

See Claiming Land for a tutorial on how to claim your land.


Claims a small square area around you, which is able to be resized using a golden shovel.

/abandonclaim, /abandonallclaims

Abandon a claim you are standing in, or all.

/trust, /untrust, /containertrust, /accesstrust, /permissiontrust

Trust players to build in your claims.


Switches the golden shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide your claims.


Restricts a subclaim, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim.


Switches the golden shovel tool back to "basic" claims mode. (Related to /subdivideclaims)


Resizes the land claim you're standing in by pushing or pulling its boundary in the direction you're facing.


Buy more claim blocks. Do note that the cost per block increases by 0.01% for every block you own. Therefore, to view the cost of buying x blocks at any point, you can use /claimcost <blocks to purchase>.


List all of your claims.


Toggle explosions in the claim you are standing in, or all claims if you are not standing in a claim.

/kit claim

Get a golden shovel for claiming and a book with a little help with claiming. Cooldown 5 minutes.

Miscellaneous Commands


Returns to your previous position after a teleport. Does not teleport back to point of death. Only works on teleports via /spawn, /tpa, /warp, /home.


Sit down anywhere.


Empty your Experience points from your hotbar into a storable and redeemable bottle.


Toggle your PvP state on/off.


View your available tags and change your current.


Disguise into any mob. Requires Obtanian rank.


Purchase items from our online store.

/fb toggle

Toggle the scoreboard on/off.


Set your current Chat Color. Requires Obtanian rank.


View the number of votes required for a Vote Party to occur.


Open your playervault(s).


View the current interest rate and the time until your next payment.


Toggle AFK status. Requires Master rank.


Clear your entire inventory.


Open a container to place items into of which you wish to delete.

/tpa, /tpahere, /tpyes, /tpno, /tpacancel

Request to teleport to other players, or request that they teleport to you.


View and redeem available kits.


View your current economy balance.


View the server's balance leaderboard.


Pay another player your hard-earned cash.

/sethome, /home, /delhome

Set homes which you can teleport to later on. Type a name of a home after the command to specify a home name for multiple homes. (Up to 2 by default)


Ignore a player in chat, so you do not see their messages. Does not apply to Discord messages.


"Causes you to perish."


Teleport to a random location in either the Overworld, Resource world, Nether or The End.

/headdb, /hdb

Open the Head Database for access to tens of thousands of unique heads for building and decoration.


Vote for ObtaniaMC. See Voting.


Teleport back to the spawn safezone in the Overworld.


View the mcMMO player leaderboard.


Invite another player to a duel. See Duels.


Privately message another player. Note that some staff can still see these messages.


Show off an item in your hand to chat.


Manage your marital status with your partner.


Redeem available mcMMO credits into skill levels.


Open the Auction House to buy and sell items to and from other players.


Open the Player Warps menu to view and create player warps.

/sf guide, /sf open_guide

The former gives you a Slimefun guide book, the latter opens the menu without the need for the item.

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