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"Slimefun 4 is an incredibly comprehensive Minecraft plugin, aiming to mimic well-known tech/magic mods and/or modpacks." - Unofficial Slimefun 4 Wiki
ObtaniaMC uses Slimefun, with the following addons currently installed:
  • Networks
  • ExtraTools
  • Crystamae Historia
  • SlimeTinker
  • SimpleMaterialGenerators
  • FoxyMachines
  • FluffyMachines
  • EcoPower
  • DynaTech
  • ExoticGarden
  • SlimefunOreChunks
  • InfinityExpansion
  • LiteXpansion
  • ElectricSpawners
  • SoulJars
  • MobCapturer
  • SlimyTreeTaps
  • SoundMuffler
  • DyedBackpacks
You can get started with Slimefun using the guide, obtainable via /sf guide. Unlocking items requires EXP levels, and it takes many to unlock everything.
I recommend you visit the official Slimefun Wiki at https://github.com/Slimefun/Slimefun4/wiki if you want to delve into it, as there is too much to cover here.
You can activate the Slimefun Resource Pack using /sfpack.
The Slimefun guide menu, using the SF Resource pack.