"Slimefun 4 is an incredibly comprehensive Minecraft plugin, aiming to mimic well-known tech/magic mods and/or modpacks." - Unofficial Slimefun 4 Wiki

ObtaniaMC uses Slimefun, with the following addons currently installed:

  • Networks

  • ExtraTools

  • Crystamae Historia

  • SlimeTinker

  • SimpleMaterialGenerators

  • FoxyMachines

  • FluffyMachines

  • EcoPower

  • DynaTech

  • ExoticGarden

  • SlimefunOreChunks

  • InfinityExpansion

  • LiteXpansion

  • ElectricSpawners

  • SoulJars

  • MobCapturer

  • SlimyTreeTaps

  • SoundMuffler

  • DyedBackpacks

You can get started with Slimefun using the guide, obtainable via /sf guide. Unlocking items requires EXP levels, and it takes many to unlock everything.

I recommend you visit the official Slimefun Wiki at if you want to delve into it, as there is too much to cover here.

You can activate the Slimefun Resource Pack using /sfpack.

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