Custom Enchantments

ObtaniaMC has numerous Custom Enchantments that expand upon the vanilla enchantment system. You can obtain these via the /enchanter, or through the enchantment table.

In the Custom Enchanter, the EXP price of each level of enchantment are as follows:

  • Simple - 1000 EXP

  • Uncommon - 2500 EXP

  • Rare - 5000 EXP

  • Epic - 8000 EXP

  • Ultimate - 12500 EXP

Custom enchantment books have a success chance which can be increased via Magic Dust or a Randomization scroll, both obtainable through crates or villager trading.

The list of custom enchantments is too large and changes too often to list every enchantment on this page, so for a list of all custom enchantments, type /enchants in-game.

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