Claiming Land

ObtaniaMC uses the common golden-shovel-style claiming system.

To claim an area of land, you will first need to have enough available claim blocks- seen on the scoreboard as follows:

Alternatively, you can view the number of claim blocks available to you via /claimlist.

You can buy more claimblocks via /buyclaimblocks. Do note that the cost per block increases by 0.01% for every block you own. Therefore, to view the cost of buying x blocks at any point, you can use /claimcost <number of blocks>.

Once you have enough available claim blocks, you can right-click a golden shovel at one corner of your claim area, and right click at the opposite corner of that area to form a claimed square. You will notice glowstone and gold blocks marking the edges of your claims whilst holding the golden shovel. These can be clicked using the shovel to resize the claim.

That's it! You've successfully grief-proofed your home.

Adding Friends to Claims

You can trust other players in a specific claim using /trust <player>, or in all claims by using the same command whilst standing outside of any claim (e.g. at spawn).

Banning Players from your Claims

To ban a player from entering your claim, use /claimban <player> within that claim to ban them from only that claim, or type the command whilst outside of any of your claims to ban the player from all of your claims.

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