What is Voting?

To help advertise the server, we have put ourselves on "Server lists" A.K.A. "Vote sites". These lists determine our ranking based on the number of votes for our server in a month. Therefore, voting for ObtaniaMC helps increase our rank on these lists for more people to find our server.

Each server list allows you to vote once per day.

To show our appreciation for the effort, every vote cast will give out a crate key. We currently have 8 active listings on various server lists, which equates to 8 crate keys a day.

How can I vote?

You can vote for ObtaniaMC at Click each of the links and follow the instructions given by each site. Most of these require a captcha to be done because that's how they check for bots and make their own money.

Rewards for Voting

Other than the 1 Crate key per vote, the top 3 voters of each month are rewarded with bonus crate keys and sometimes store coupons (depending on various circumstances, these rewards change often).

Every 75 votes on the server, a Vote Party starts- giving all online players free Rare, Epic and Ultimate crate keys.

If you do decide to vote, you have my great thanks. :)

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