How old is ObtaniaMC?

ObtaniaMC officially launched on July 20th 2019. We have done numerous resets since then, and as of recent we last reset on June 4th 2022.

How can I make money?

Aside from idle interest, you can make money via Quests, the Auction House and Chest Shops. See Earning Money for more info.

How do I start Quests?

You can start quests via /quests list but you may want to check Quests for more info.

How do I claim land?

ObtaniaMC uses the traditional golden-shovel-claiming system. See Claiming Land for more info.

I just died and lost my stuff! What should I do?

If you didn't use /sethome near where you died, you can get new food and basic tools via /kit food and /kit tools respectively. You can get a new claim shovel using /kit claim

Each of these kits have a use delay. Food and Tools are 24 hours each, Claim is 5 minutes.

How do I make a Chest Shop?

See Setting up a Chest Shop

How do I get tags?

You can get tags from Quests and Voting, or if you're deserving enough during an event. Tags can be applied using /tags

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